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A Magneto-Photothermal Theory of a Semiconductor Media Due to Pulse Heat Flux and Volumetric Heat Source with Initial Stress

  • Kh. LotfyEmail author
  • R. S. Tantawi
  • N. Anwer
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In this investigation, the effect of magnetic field, initial stress and volumetric heat source of semiconductor elastic medium is studied. The thermal memory (relaxation times) is taken into account in the case of studying the coupling between the photothermal excitation process and the generalized thermoelasticity theory. The problem is described in cylindrical coordinates by one-dimensional equations under the effect of pulse heat flux. The interaction between plasma (carrier density), thermal field (temperature) and elastic waves is investigated. Laplace transform technique is used to get analytical solutions of some of the main physical quantities. The gradient temperature and some mechanical forces are applied on the cylinder, and Fourier series expansion is used as a numerical method to obtain the complete solutions of the physical variables in the time-domain. The silicon material is an example of semiconductor which is used for numerical simulation work. The results of the obtained physical variables are and illustrated graphically and discussed.


Photothermal Thermoelasticity Magnetic field Laplace transform Initial stress Volumetric heat source 


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