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Experimental Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer Between Silicon-Melt and Solidification Front

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Convective heat transfer between silicon melt and solidification front during Bridgman-type solidification process in a ceramic crucible has been investigated by means of heat balance analysis of the crucible during the process. The effect of aspect ratio on the Rayleigh and Nusselt numbers has been investigated. For a large crucible size (with inner diameter of about 0.50-m), the dependence correlates well with the empiric formula Nu = 0.303 Ra0.279. For a small crucible size (with inner diameter of about 0.20-m), the dependence correlates well with the empiric formula Nu = 0.181 Ra0.285. The experimental data obtained were compared with the available literature experimental and numerical simulation data.

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The authors would like to thank LINN HT (Germany) for the equipment design.

This research was supported by GLOBE Specialty Metals (USA).

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Correspondence to Vladimir V. Popov Jr.

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