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Response of Semiconductor Medium of Variable Thermal Conductivity Due to Laser Pulses with Two-Temperature through Photothermal Process

  • Kh. LotfyEmail author
  • R. S. Tantawi
  • N. Anwer
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A novel model of variable thermal conductivity of semiconductor medium in two-temperature theory is studied. The Photothermal excitation due to laser pulses is investigated. The governing equations have been studied under three theories in generalized thermoelasticity during Photothermal transport process. Taken into consideration the linearity of thermal conductivity, in which depend on temperature. The normal mode method is used to obtain the exact expressions of some physical fields analytically, in the context of the recombination between thermal-elastic-plasma waves. The silicon (Si) material is used to the numerical simulation. Some comparisons between the results are made as the influence of thermoelectric coupling parameter, variable thermal conductivity and two-temperature parameter of physical fields. The numerical calculations have been discussed and illustrated graphically.


Photothermal L-S theory Thermoelasticity Laser pulse Variable thermal conductivity Two-temperature 


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