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Thermo-mechanical and Erosion Wear Peculiarity of Hybrid Composites Filled with Micro and Nano Silicon Dioxide Fillers – A Comparative Study

  • Anant Krishan PunEmail author
  • Siddhartha
  • Akant Kumar Singh
Original Paper


This article presents the findings on thermo-mechanical and erosion wear characteristics of micro silicon dioxide (SiO2) fillers filled woven glass fiber based vinyl ester hybrid composites (MWGVHCs) as well as nano SiO2 filled woven glass fiber-vinyl ester hybrid composites (NWGVHCs). Wovenglass-vinyl ester based hybrid composites are developed, filled with 5wt.% and 10wt.% of micro and nano SiO2 fillers, respectively. Performance of filler filled composites is compared with the filler less composites. Thermo-mechanical analysis of hybrid composites is done as per ASTM standards. Angles of impact (30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90º), impact velocities (30, 55 and 80 m/s) and erodent size of 300, 450 and 600 µm is used for erosion wear test of fabricated composites. Taguchi statistical method is employed for design of experiments to optimize the process parameters. Findings reveal that hybrid composites filled with 10wt% of nano SiO2 filler performed best amongst all the in-class composites. In order to optimize the performance of fabricated composites VIKOR method is also implemented.


Erosion wear Woven glass fiber Micro and nano size SiO2 fillers Vinyl ester resin Taguchi design of experiment VIKOR method 

List of abbreviation




VlseKriterijuska Optimizacija I Komoromisno Resenje


Theoretical density of composite material


Weight fraction of matrix material


Weight fraction of particulate filler


Density of matrix material


Density of particulate filler

\(\frac {\mathrm {S}}{\mathrm {N}}\)

Signal to noise ratio


Number of observations


Observed data.


Group utility


Individual regret


aggregating index


Degree of freedom

Seq. SS

Sequential sum of squares

Adj SS

Extra sum of squares

Adj MS

Extra mean of squares



\(\bar {\eta }_{Micro\thinspace SiO_{2}}\)

Predicted average of erosion wear rate for micro SiO2 filler filled composites

\(\bar {\eta }_{Nano\thinspace SiO_{2}}\)

Predicted average of erosion wear rate for nano SiO2 filler filled composites

\(\bar {T}\)

Average of S/N ratio for complete experimental runs

A3, B3, C3 and D1

The mean response for factors at designated levels


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringNIT HamirpurHamirpurIndia

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