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Luminescence Study of Stressed Si Nanoclusters in the Vicinity of Cu Nanoparticles

  • Gayatri SahuEmail author
Original Paper


Stressed Si nanoclusters (NCs) are synthesized using two-stage metal ion implantation technique. XRD and Raman scattering measurements confirm the presence of NCs in the system. Luminescence study of stressed Si NCs has been done over a wide temperature range of 6 to 300 K. With increase in temperature narrow peaks observed at low temperature merging to a single broad PL. A detail analysis of these observed PL peaks at low temperature has been reported here. Contrary to other metal, presence of Cu does not enhance the luminescence as coming from Si NCs. A possible explanation of not observing PL at room temperature has been given. Nature and magnitude of stress is also calculated using Raman scattering method.


Silicon nano-clusters Ion implantation Low temperature photoluminescence Raman scattering 


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Author would like to acknowledge the financial supports from DST, Govt. of India, for the funding under DST Women Scientist-A Scheme, Project No. SR/WOS-A/PM-1/2017. Help from Vikas Sahu, RRCAT Indore is highly appreciated for taking PL measurements.


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  1. 1.Discipline of PhysicsIndian Institute of Technology IndoreSimrolIndia

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