Effect of thermal deformation parameters on the microstructure, texture, and microhardness of 5754 aluminum alloy

  • Chang-qing HuangEmail author
  • Jia-xing Liu
  • Xiao-dong Jia


The evolution of the microstructure, texture, and microhardness of 5754 aluminum alloy subjected to high-temperature plastic deformation under different deformation conditions was studied on the basis of thermal simulations and electron-backscattered diffraction and Vickers microhardness experiments. The results of a misorientation angle study show that an increase in the deformation temperature and strain rate promoted the transformation of low-angle grain boundaries to high-angle grain boundaries, which contributed to dynamic recrys-tallization. The effect of the deformation parameters on the texture and its evolution during the recrystallization process was explored on the basis of the orientation distribution function. The results demonstrate that the deformed samples mainly exhibited the features of type A, B, and B textures. The formation and growth of the recrystallized grains clearly affected the texture evolution. The microhardness results show that the variation of the microhardness was closely related to the temperature, strain rate, and dynamic recrystallization.


microstructure texture misorientation dynamic recrystallization microhardness 


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The authors appreciate financial support from the Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51275533), the State Key Laboratory of High-Performance Complex Manufacturing (No. zzyjkt2013–10B), Central South University, China, and also the portion provided by the Academician Workstation Foundation of Yinhai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., Liuz-hou, China.


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