Influence of rolling temperature on the interfaces and mechanical performance of graphene-reinforced aluminum-matrix composites

  • Chen-yang Huang
  • Shui-ping HuEmail author
  • Kai Chen


To study the influence of rolling on the interfaces and mechanical performance of graphene-reinforced Al-matrix composites, a rolling method was used to process them. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopy, and tensile testing, this study analyzed the micromorphology, interfaces, and mechanical performance of the composites before and after rolling. The experimental results demonstrates that the composites after hot rolling has uniform structures with strong interfacial bonding. With an increase in rolling temperature, the tensile strength and elastic modulus of the composites gradually increase. However, when the rolling temperature is higher than 500°C, granular and rod-like Al4C3 phases are observed at the interfaces and the mechanical performance of the composites is degraded. When the rolling temperature is 480°C, the composites show the optimal comprehensive mechanical performance, with a tensile strength and elastic modulus of 403.3 MPa and 77.6 GPa, respectively, which represent increases of 31.6% and 36.9%, respectively, compared with the corresponding values prior to rolling.


rolling graphene composite interface mechanical performance 


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The work was financially supported by the National Key Development Program of China for the “13th Five-Year Plan” (No. 2016YFB0700300).


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