Leaching kinetics of celestite in nitric acid solutions

  • Feray KocanEmail author
  • Umran Hicsonmez


In this study, strontium nitrate extraction from celestite in nitric acid solutions was investigated using the leaching method. The influences of acid concentration, solid-to-liquid ratio, stirring speed, and reaction temperature on the leaching of strontium from celestite concentrate were studied. The results showed that the leaching rate increased with increasing acid concentration, stirring speed, and temperature and decreased with increasing solid-to-liquid ratio. The particle size was fixed in all of the dissolution experiments. The results showed that the stirring speed and the temperature were the most influential parameters with respect to the leaching process. The kinetic model best fit control by diffusion through the product layer. The activation energy of the dissolution celestite in nitric acid solutions was calculated to be 42.22 kJ/mol.


dissolution hydrometallurgy leaching kinetics separation strontium nitrate 


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This work was financially supported by the Science Research Project Committee of Manisa Celal Bayar University (No. BAP 2013-101).


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