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Optical properties and surface energy of tellurium oxide thin film

  • İ. Afşin KariperEmail author
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In this study, tellurium oxide thin film (TOTF) was deposited on amorphous glass using chemical bath deposition method. Structural properties of the film were analyzed through X-ray diffraction. As a result of these analyses, average grain size was found to be 48 nm. Film thickness was measured using an atomic force microscopy at 1200 nm, whereas its optical properties were examined through UV–Vis spectroscopic technique. TOTF’s optical properties, which are already known, were compared with the related data in the literature, and in addition, unknown optical properties of TOTF were investigated. Transmittance of the film was found to be 45%, whereas its refractive index was found to be 2.63 at 550 nm wavelengths. The thin film of tellurium oxide is transparent, its optical band gap was graphically estimated to be 1.57 eV, and its surface energy was calculated to be 32.44 mN/m. Distilled water, which is used as one of the test liquids, showed that TOTF is hydrophobic. Structural properties of the films were found to be in line with the literature.


Tellurium oxide thin film Chemical bath deposition Surface tension 



The author thanks a lot to Zeynep ÖLÇÜ, and Emine GÜNERİ.


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