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Two New Species of Gangesia Woodland, 1924 (Platyhelminthes:Cestoidea) from Freshwater Fishes of West Bengal and Odhisa, India

  • Suranjana BanerjeeEmail author
  • Buddhadeb Manna
  • A. K. Sanyal
Research Article


The genus Gangesia Woodland, 1924 contains 8 valid species. Gangesia pashupatii sp.n. from the intestine of a freshwater fish Wallago attu from Canning, South 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India and Gangesia puriensis sp.n. from Ompok bimaculatus from Puri in Odhisa, India are described and illustrated. Gangesia pashupatii sp.n. is characterized by presence of a rostellum that bears 50 hooks in two alternate rows; each hook 0.078 long; neck absent; testes 100-160 in number; and a uterus with 20-23 lateral diverticulae on each side. Gangesia puriensis sp.n. is characterized by an oval to bulbous scolex; rostellar hooks 28-29 in number all alike arranged in a single row; suckers without spines; long neck; testes 200-250 in number; long cirrus sac and uterus with 15-16 lateral diverticulae on each side. The presence of these new morphological characters differentiates the two observed new species from the rest of the described valid species in the genus.


Gangesia pashupatii sp.n. Gangesia puriensis sp.n. Wallago attu Ompok bimaculatus West Bengal and Odhisa 



The authors are thankful to the Director, Zoological Survey of India for providing necessary facilities during the course of the work. The authors express their deep thanks to Library Division of Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata HQ for providing necessary facilities.


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