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Cross-Association Analysis of Barren Measures Lithologies and Microfacies, Talcher Coalfield, Odisha

  • Rabindra Nath HotaEmail author
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Cross-association analysis of lithologies and microfacies of two borehole sections of the Barren Measures Formation, Talcher coalfield situated 12 km apart show strikingly dissimilar results. In case of lithologies, one-to-one correlation becomes significant, which suggests continuity of the formation throughout the Barren Measures Formation and prevalence of braided stream depositional environment. However, lack of significant correlation of microfacies suggests existence of different sub-environments at different parts of the Barren Measures Formation during each stage of sedimentation. When channel facies were laid down at one place, homotaxial leeve, floodplain and swamp facies were deposited elsewhere.


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