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Explicit Weierstrass \(\wp \) Traveling Wave Solution and Stability of Dispersive Solutions to the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili Equation with Competing Dispersion Effect

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In this article, we address the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili (KP) equation in which a small competing dispersion effect is present. We examine the nature of solutions under the influence of dispersion effect by exploiting dynamical system theory and Lyapunov function. We prove the existence of bounded traveling wave solutions when KP equation has external dispersion effect. The retrieved traveling wave solutions are in the form of solitary waves, periodic and elliptic functions. We obtain the general solution of the equation in presence and absence of the dispersion effect in terms of Weirstrass \(\wp \) functions and Jacobi elliptic functions. Furthermore, we apply a new method which is based on factorization method, use of functional transformation and the Abel’s first order nonlinear equation and obtain a new form of kink-type solutions. Finally, we analyze the stability analysis of the dispersive solutions explicitly by using dynamical system theory. We show that the traveling wave velocity behaves like a bifurcation parameter which classifies different classes of waves. Moreover, we also obtain a transcritical bifurcation which occurs at a critical velocity.

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  • KP equation
  • Dispersion effect
  • Weirstrass \(\wp \) function
  • Jacobi elliptic function
  • Dynamical system