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Heart failure with recovered ejection fraction

  • Kazuaki TanabeEmail author
  • Takahiro Sakamoto
Review Article


Substantial or complete myocardial recovery occurs in many patients with heart failure (HF). HF patients with myocardial recovery or recovered left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction (EF; HFrecEF) are a distinct population of HF patients with different underlying etiologies, comorbidities, response to therapies, and outcomes compared with HF patients with persistent reduced or preserved EF. Improvement in LVEF has been systematically linked to improved quality of life, and lower rehospitalization rates and mortality. However, the mortality and morbidity in HFrecEF patients remain higher than those in the normal population. Currently, data to guide the management of HFrecEF patients are lacking. This review discusses specific characteristics, pathophysiology, and clinical implications for HFrecEF.


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