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T.S. Jayne, Jordan Chamberlin, Rui Benfica (eds): the transformation of Rural Africa

Routledge, Abingdon, UK and New York, USA: 2019, x + 194 pp. ISBN13: 978–1–138-32549-4
  • Richard B. JonesEmail author
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This book is devoted to better understanding the micro-level processes driving the transformation of rural Africa. Detailed results from household- and farm-level data from selected countries are presented in eight chapters to shed light on the particular growth processes at work within rural areas and to provide important insights for policy action.

The Introductory chapter details a framework for understanding agricultural, rural and structural transformation including a greater diversification of livelihoods (on and off-farm), stronger interactions between rural and urban spaces, altering the role of agriculture, and broadening investment opportunities beyond farming. This framework is then used to explore unresolved questions about Africa’s transformations with detailed discussions on what have been the drivers of Africa’s transformation, whether these are different from those in Asia, and what is the evolving role of agriculture.

The discussion on what have been the drivers of...


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