Correction to: A Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian–early Tithonian) fish fauna of the Eperkés-hegy (Olaszfalu, Bakony Mts., Hungary): the oldest record of Notidanodon Cappetta, 1975 and a short revision of Mesozoic Hexanchidae

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Due to typesetting error, the scale bars for Figs. 2, 3 and 6 were missing in the online article. Tables 2 and 3 also contained mistakes. The correct figures and tables are shown here.
Fig. 2

Notidanodon sp. a Lower anterolateral tooth (VER 2018.359.) in lingual view and b in labial view. c Lower anterolateral tooth (VER 2018.360.) in lingual view, d in mesial, e in labial view and f in apical view. Scale bars: a and b 5 mm; c–f 10 mm

Fig. 3

a–kSphenodus sp. a VER 2018.362. in lingual view, b in profile view and c in labial view. d VER 2018.363. in lingual view, e in profile view and f in labial view. g VER 2018.367. in lingual view, h in profile view and i in labial view. j and k VER 2018.366. in two different views. l and m Synechodontiformes indet. l VER 2018.361. in lingual view and m in labial view. Scale bars: a–i 10 mm; j–m 2 mm

Fig. 6

a–fCaturus sp. a VER 2018.381. in lingual view; b in profile view; c in labial view. d VER 2018.382. in labial view; e in profile view; f in lingual view. g–l Actinopterygii indet. remains g–i VER 2018.384. in three different views. j and k VER 2018.385. in two different views. l VER 2018.386. in external view. Scale bars, 500 μm

Table 2

Simplified geological time range of all currently valid hexanchid genera. White star symbol marks the Olaszfalu Notidanodon

Table 3

Revisional summary of the Jurassic hexanchoid record. A large part of the data follows the work of Kriwet and Klug (2011)

The Publisher regrets this error.

The original article has been corrected.


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