New Eutectic High-Entropy Alloys Based on Co–Cr–Fe–Mo–Ni–Al: Design, Characterization and Mechanical Properties

  • Hakan GasanEmail author
  • Akin Ozcan


New eutectic high-entropy alloys based on novel (CoqCrvFewMoyNiz)100−xAlx alloy systems were designed using both thermodynamic and computational approaches. After considering 324 equilibrium diagrams, ten potential eutectic compositions were determined to possess a eutectic point comprising FCC and B2 phases. (Co40Cr10Fe5Mo5Ni40)82,2Al17.8 was found to have a fully eutectic structure through experimental analysis, which had a negligible error (0.23%) compared to that of the computational modeling. The XRD patterns showed that the alloy was composed of only FCC and B2 phases (with volume fractions of 73.4% and 26.6%, respectively) and did not contain σ phase, which was predicted by the computational model to appear at low temperatures. Among all other alloys, the hypereutectic (18 at% Al) alloy exhibited the highest compressive yield strength (729 MPa) and ultimate compressive strength (2844 MPa), and the hypoeutectic (16 at% Al) alloy had the highest compressive ductility (~ 39%). For all fabricated alloys (hypoeutectic, eutectic, and hypereutectic), the compressive strength and strain exceeded 2514 MPa and 27%, respectively.

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Eutectic high-entropy alloys Alloy design Microstructure Mechanical properties 



Financial assistance from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey is gratefully acknowledged (Project No: MAG 216M063).


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  1. 1.Department of Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringEskisehir Osmangazi UniversityEskisehirTurkey
  2. 2.Institute of ScienceEskisehir Osmangazi UniversityEskisehirTurkey

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