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Correction to: Optimising protocols for high-definition imaging of historic shipwrecks using multibeam echosounder

  • Kieran WestleyEmail author
  • Ruth Plets
  • Rory Quinn
  • Chris McGonigle
  • Fabio Sacchetti
  • Mekayla Dale
  • Rory McNeary
  • Annika Clements
Correction to: Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences
Table 1

Acquisition settings tested over SS Polwell


Acquisition settings test

Survey design test


Varied: 200 kHz, 300 kHz, 400 kHz

Constant: 400 kHz

Pulse rate

Varied: 4 Hz, 8 Hz, 12 Hz

Constant: maximum (up to 50 Hz)

Angular sector (overall and port/starboard)

Varied: 40° (20°/20°), 60° (30°/30°) and (0°/60°), 80° (40°, 40°)

Varied: 110° (55°/55°), 60° (30°/30°)

Sector mode

Constant: Normal (three sectors)

Varied: Normal (three sectors), single sector (only middle sector)

Beam spacing

Constant: High Density Equidistant

Constant: High Density Equidistant

Pulse length (lower values for single sector, higher for normal sector at a given frequency)

Constant: Short CW (200 kHz = 70 μs; 300 kHz = 70 μs; 400 kHz = 50 μs)

Constant: Short CW (200 kHz = 35–70 μs; 300 kHz = 35–70 μs; 400 kHz = 25–50 μs)

Bottom detection

Varied: Normal, minimum depth and tracking

Constant: minimum depth

The original version of this article, unfortunately, contained error. Additional correction in Table 1: please delete (‘) in the second column heading was incorrectly carried out. It should read “Acquisition settings test”; by this, the author meant only to delete the apostrophe symbol. However the typesetter has deleted the entire second column heading (i.e. in the online proof it read: “Acquisition settings’ test “, but the corrected version should have read “Acquisition settings test”. Given in the article is the correct table.

The original article has been corrected.


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