Comments on “Geomorphic evidences of tectonic instability during the Late Quaternary Period along southern Saurashtra, western India” by Prizomwala (2018)

  • Upasana S. BanerjiEmail author


The coastal tract of Saurashtra has been primarily controlled by sea-level changes and neo-tectonism thereby preserving coastal geomorphic features such as tidal notches, intertidal platforms and relict mudflats underscoring the interplay of sea-level and tectonics for the present coastal configuration. In a recent paper, Prizomwala (Arab J Geosci 11:397, 2018) investigated the geomorphic evidences of tectonic activity from the coastal tract of southern Saurashtra region based on the morphometry and the geomorphic features particularly the tidal notches. In the interpretation and estimation of tectonics, the author is making the same inferences which is already published by Banerji et al. (J Asian Earth Sci 111:428–439, 2015); thus, the paper does not contribute anything new towards understanding the tectonic instability of the study area.


Mid-Holocene Neotectonics Saurashtra coast Tidal Notch 


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