Chaotic correlation dimension analysis of 222Rn gas measurements received from soil

  • Miraç KamışlıoğluEmail author
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Time series obtained from dynamic system must be examined to learn about the variable parameters of a dynamic system. Chaotic time series analysis is very advantageous signal processing methods. These methods are used to determine the nonlinear behaviour of dynamic system. In this study, nonlinear characteristic of 222Rn, which is a radioactive gas, was examined with correlation dimension method. Nonlinear analyses methods are useful for analyses of complex dynamic system behaviour. Correlation dimension analysis is most used chaotic analysis methods. Chaotic time series analyses applications based on 35,136 measurement data from the Nurdağı region in Turkey. In this study, the nonlinear analysis techniques are applied to recorded data for the year 2007 and the persistent 222Rn measurements are received at 15-min times for 12 months in regions. Chaotic correlation dimension analysis results for 222Rn data was have seen chaotic properties.


Chaos Modelling Time series Correlation dimension Radon 


05.45.-a 05.45.-Df 87.66.-a 



I thank Prof. Dr. Fatih Külahcı for his valuable contributions.

Funding information

This work was supported by TUBITAK, Project number and name: 2211-C Priority Areas Related to Doctoral Scholarship Program.


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  1. 1.Vocational School of Health Service, Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety DepartmentUskudar UniversityİstanbulTurkey

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