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ASNC at 25

  • Jeffrey A. LeppoEmail author
History Corner
As part of a special anniversary plenary session at the recent ASNC meeting in San Francisco, I was asked to give some recollections and perspectives about how our society formed and review some of the driving forces that help to produce such an endeavor. The significant dates and timeline for the incorporation of ASNC have been previously published 1, and it is now on this silver anniversary event that I take the opportunity to provide some personal thoughts and perspectives. The reader needs to understand that I am expressing my personal views and comments, and this is not intended to be an official ASNC document. To better understand my perspective in this article, I would refer you to two of my favorite quotations from a very solid American philosopher (Mark Twain).

I never saw an author who was aware that there is any dimensional difference between a fact and a surmise. And

A historian who would convey the truth must lie. Often he must enlarge the truth by diameters, otherwise his...



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  1. 1.BMC Cardiology Professional ServicesBerkshire Medical CenterPittsfieldUSA
  2. 2.University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolWorcesterUSA

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