Neutrophilic Erythrophagocytosis in MDS-MLD

  • P. S. Shobhanaa
  • Naveen KakkarEmail author

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An 85 years old male presented with generalized weakness and numbness of feet since 6 months. Complete blood count (CBC) showed pancytopenia (Hemoglobin-96 g/l, WBC-2.5 × 10 9/l) and platelets-47 × 10 9/l with an absolute neutrophil count of 0.675 × 10 9/l). Peripheral blood smear showed mild dysgranulopoiesis with few pelgeroid neutrophils. Bone marrow aspirate smears were hypercellular and showed marked erythroid hyperplasia (Myeloid: Erythroid ratio = 1:2.4). There was borderline (10%) dyserythropoiesis with significant dysgranulopoiesis (17%) and dysmegakaryopoiesis (40%). Few neutrophils (5 per 10 oil immersion fields) showed erythrophagocytosis (Fig.  1a, b) with engulment of mature red cells while others showed dysplastic changes with pelgeroid forms (Fig.  1 c, arrow) and hypogranularity. Rare erythroblasts also showed engulfment of RBCs (Fig.  1d). No ring sideroblasts were seen. There was no significant increase in blasts (2%) on aspirate smears or trephine biopsy. The...


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