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Nanorattle Au@PtAg encapsulated in ZIF-8 for enhancing CO2 photoreduction to CO

  • Yuqun Su
  • Haitao XuEmail author
  • Jiajia Wang
  • Xikuo Luo
  • Zhen-liang Xu
  • Kefu Wang
  • Wenzhong Wang
Research Article


Imidazolate-based ZIF-8 catalysts M@ZIF-8 (M = Au NR, Au@Ag NR, or Au@PtAg NRT; NR = nanorod, NRT = nanorattle), were assembled. Au NRs acted as the core for the epitaxial growth of the Ag shell, and oxidative etching of Au@Ag NRs led to Au@PtAg NRTs with K2PtCl4 aqueous solution. All metal nanorods (MNRs) and metal nanorattles (MNRTs) were well dispersed and fully encapsulated in ZIF-8. Au@PtAg NRTs encapsulated in ZIF-8 could lead to enhanced stability and selectivity for catalytic applications, combining the advantages of ZIF-8 (tailorable porosity) with the high surface area and improved optical sensitivity of rod-shaped NRTs. The catalyst Au@PtAg@ZIF-8 exhibited efficient catalytic activity and CO selectivity for the gas-phase photoreduction of CO2 with H2O.


imidazolate-based ZIF-8 core–shell nanorattle noble metal catalyst CO2 photoreduction 


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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21371058).

Supplementary material

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Nanorattle Au@PtAg encapsulated in ZIF-8 for enhancing CO2 photoreduction to CO


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