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Flexible and reusable cap-like thin Fe2O3 film for SERS applications

  • Jiangtao Xu
  • Xiaoting Li
  • Yuxiang Wang
  • Ronghui Guo
  • Songmin ShangEmail author
  • Shouxiang JiangEmail author
Research Article


Cap-like α-Fe2O3 films are fabricated and deposited onto quartz fabric by using radio frequency magnetron sputtering and annealing. The treated fabric sample in this study shows highly sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and excellent flexibility, reproducibility and stability. In addition, the sample can be recovered after a washing process with an organic solvent and repeatedly used. The sensitive SERS performance is attributed to chemical enhancement through a charge transfer process. Moreover, the SERS performance is also found to be dependent on the light coupling effect. When the light absorbance rate of the α-Fe2O3 films increases at a wavelength near that of laser light, the film shows excellent sensitivity due to light coupling effect.


α-Fe2O3 quartz fabric flexible SERS Raman sensor 


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Flexible and reusable cap-like thin Fe2O3 film for SERS applications


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  2. 2.College of Light Industry, Textile and Food EngineeringSichuan UniversityChengduChina

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