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Uniportal Thoracoscopic McKeown Esophagectomy


We performed the technique of uniportal thoracoscopic McKeown esophagectomy. The incision was located in the fourth intercostal space on the right axillary midline. The right recurrent laryngeal nerve lymph nodes were dissected. Four hemlocks were applied to clamp the proximal and distal ends of the aortic arch. The esophagus was suspended with purse-string at the level of the azygos vein arch to assist the dissection of the left recurrent laryngeal nerve lymph nodes. A silk thread was drawn out from the incision in order to remove the subcarinal lymph nodes. A thoracic drainage tube was placed at the back of the incision at the end.

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  • Single port
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Esophagectomy
  • Esophageal cancer