Radionuclide Liver-Spleen Scan to Detect Splenosis

  • S. V. Solav
  • A. M. PatilEmail author
  • S. V. Savale
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Splenosis is defined as heterotopic auto-transplantation of splenic tissue at ectopic location following splenic injury or surgery. It can be seen in any location in the abdomen and thorax as well as rare sites such as the brain and subcutaneous tissue and derives its blood supply from adjoining structures. Accessory spleen is a congenital condition and draws its blood supply from accessory splenic artery. It is located in gastrosplenic or lienorenal ligament. They are fewer in number and without preceding trauma. Colloid liver-spleen scan objectively localizes splenosis. Presented here is a case of hemolytic anemia who underwent splenectomy in 2007 for hereditary spherocytosis. Patient had vague abdominal pain 12 years post-surgery. Sonography and CT scan showed soft tissue lesions in abdomen. Colloid liver-spleen scan showed evidence of reticuloendothelial cells confirming the diagnosis of splenosis.


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We thank Dr. Kunal Oswal for providing valuable clinical inputs regarding this case.

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