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Starry Rectum: a Rare Case of Adult Primary Rectal Burkitt’s Lymphoma in the Setting of Crohn’s Disease with Literature Review

  • Prashant RaoEmail author
  • Pramil Kaniyarakkal
  • N. P. Kamalesh
  • B. K. Prasanna
  • Kartik Kulshrestha
  • George T. Deepak
  • Shaji Ponnambathayil
  • Satheesh Iype
Case Report


Rectum is the least common site of involvement by gastrointestinal lymphomas with Burkitt’s lymphoma subtype being even more infrequent, accounting for less than 0.0005% of all primary rectal malignancies. Significance lies in its rarity, the difficulty in distinguishing it from rectal carcinoma, and its not yet standardized treatment protocol. Here, we report a case of primary rectal Burkitt’s lymphoma in a 32-year male with Crohn’s disease on azathioprine, who was successfully managed with laparoscopic low anterior resection with adjuvant intensive chemotherapy. Our case attempts to shows that minimally invasive surgical resection with adjuvant chemotherapy is a viable therapeutic option for rectal lymphomas including the aggressive variants like Burkitt’s lymphoma.


Rectal lymphoma Burkitt’s lymphoma Rectal cancer Crohn’s disease Laparoscopy 


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  1. 1.Department of GI, HPB & Transplant SurgeryPVS Memorial HospitalKochiIndia

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