Hyperphosphatemic Tumoral Calcinosis: a Rare Clinico-pathological Disorder

  • Amiteshwar SinghEmail author
  • Sameer Rege
  • Anurag Lila
  • Shrinivas Surpam
  • Roshan Chiranjeev
  • Samarth Patel
  • Siddhanth Vairagar
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Tumoral calcinosis (TC) is a rare clinic-pathological entity characterised by neoplasm-like (tumoral) calcium phosphate deposition (calcinosis) in the periarticular soft tissues. We report a case of a 24-year-old male who presented with a spontaneous onset, gradually increasing swelling in his left buttock since 3 years. On examination, a huge soft tissue mass involving the entire left gluteal region and thigh was present. After thorough workup including tissue biopsy, radiological imaging, and biochemical investigations, his swelling was diagnosed as tumoral calcinosis. TC is often misdiagnosed as soft tissue sarcoma but presence of several calcified masses with chronic inflammatory reaction clinches the diagnosis. He underwent complete surgical excision and was put on low phosphorus diet and phosphate binder (Sevelamer Carbonate 400–800 mg TDS orally with phosphate-binding antacids) referred to as phosphorous deprivation therapy. He showed a remarkable post-operative recovery with gain in weight and no recurrence after 1 year of follow-up.


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We would like to thank the Dean of Our Institute for allowing us to use hospital records for research.

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