Inner Product of Eigenfunctions over Curves and Generalized Periods for Compact Riemannian Surfaces

  • Yakun XiEmail author


We show that for a smooth closed curve \(\gamma \) on a compact Riemannian surface without boundary, the inner product of two eigenfunctions \(e_\lambda \) and \(e_\mu \) restricted to \(\gamma \), \(|\int e_\lambda \overline{e_\mu }\,\text {d}s|\), is bounded by \(\min \{\lambda ^\frac{1}{2},\mu ^\frac{1}{2}\}\). Furthermore, given \(0<c<1\), if \(0<\mu <c\lambda \), we prove that \(\int e_\lambda \overline{e_\mu }\,\text {d}s=O(\mu ^\frac{1}{4})\), which is sharp on the sphere \(S^2\). These bounds unify the period integral estimates and the \(L^2\)-restriction estimates in an explicit way. Using a similar argument, we also show that the \(\nu \)th order Fourier coefficient of \(e_\lambda \) over \(\gamma \) is uniformly bounded if \(0<\nu <c\lambda \), which generalizes a result of Reznikov for compact hyperbolic surfaces, and is sharp on both \(S^2\) and the flat torus \(\mathbb T^2\). Moreover, we show that the analogs of our results also hold in higher dimensions for the inner product of eigenfunctions over hypersurfaces.


Eigenfunction estimates Generalized periods Compact Riemannian surface 

Mathematics Subject Classification

35P20 58J51 42B37 



The author would like to thank Professor Christopher Sogge, Allan Greenleaf and Alex Iosevich for their constant support and mentoring. In particular, the author want to thank Professor Sogge for many constructive comments, and it is a pleasure for the author to thank Professor Greenleaf for many helpful conversations, and for suggesting a related problem. The author also wants to thank Professor Xiaolong Han for some helpful suggestions.


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