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Flex Heat Pipe East-West Deployable Radiator

  • Jay AmbroseEmail author
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  1. Heat pipe systems for thermal management in space


Lockheed Martin has developed a patented solution for increasing payload power on communications satellites which introduces a coupled East-West radiator assembly with deployable radiators. The deployable radiators are deployed in integration and test phases to provide equipment access. The equipment is mounted onto internal structural panels and is thermally coupled to both east and west radiators by flexible heat pipes which have dual condensers. Coupling to both east and west radiators provides greater average heat dissipation. This application is uniquely demanding for the flexible heat pipes due to heat transport, operating temperatures, pressure cycling and deployment cycling. This paper describes derivation of requirements for the flexible heat pipes for the radiator assembly, and qualification testing to verify that the heat pipe design will work as intended. A structural qualification unit was subjected to thermal cycling, pressure cycling, vibration, flex cycling and ultimately burst testing. The qualification unit was modified following burst test into a single condenser unit. It was then charged and subjected to thermal performance testing. The test results verify that the flexible heat pipe design meets all requirements for the East-West radiator assembly.


Radiators Spacecraft integration Design of heat pipes Flexible heat pipes 



The contributions of Messrs. Russ Mosso and Peter Freedman to the conduct and review of the technical effort are appreciated. Contributions of Messrs. Matt Carter, Rick Davis and John Boney to the test program are appreciated.


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