Gamma-ray binaries detected by AGILE

  • Giovanni PianoEmail author
A decade of AGILE
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  1. A Decade of AGILE: Results, Challenges and Prospects of Gamma-Ray Astrophysics


The AGILE satellite is observing the \(\gamma \)-ray sky since its launch on April 23, 2007. Several important discoveries have been made in Galactic and extragalactic astrophysics starting from its observations above 50 MeV. In this work, I reviewed the most important findings in the study of \(\gamma \)-ray emitting Galactic binary systems: the first detection above 100 MeV of Cygnus X-1, the discovery of \(\gamma \)-ray transient emission from Cygnus X-3, the first observation of a colliding wind binary in \(\gamma \) rays. The AGILE continuous monitoring of the \(\gamma \)-ray sky is a fundamental ingredient to investigate the non-thermal emission from these sources, the disk-jet coupling, the limit of relativistic particle acceleration in the jet, the origin of the high-energy \(\gamma \)-ray radiation.


Gamma rays Binary systems 



Research partially supported by the ASI Grant no. I/028/12/5 and the INAF PRIN SKA-CTA: “Towards the SKA and CTA: discovery, localization and physics of transients”.

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