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Advancement and characterization of Al-Mg-Si alloy using reinforcing materials of Fe2O3 and B4C composite produced by stir casting method

  • D. MummoorthiEmail author
  • M. Rajkumar
  • S. Ganesh Kumar


The modifications of Al6061-T6 metal matrix composites is an extraordinary enthusiasm of recent pertinence for lesser weight materials with high value of tensile strength, hardness and wear protection, which can be widely used in automotive and aircraft design. In this paper, we investigate the impacts of the reinforced Al6061 composite with 5 wt% of Fe2O3 in addition to 2 %, 4 %, 6 % weight of B4C being made-up by stir casting technique. In this research, Al6061 composites have analyzed by its physical and mechanical properties like as density, hardness, impact strength, ultimate tensile and compressive strength, and an optical microscope is utilized to assess the metallurgical properties such as microstructure with different wt% of reinforcement of Al6061 composite. The microstructure of newly prepared composites was shown a regular spreading of reinforcements in the matrix by an optical microscope and also the muscular bonding between the matrix and reinforcements were demonstrated by SEM analysis. It is further identifying that, microstructure uniformity and therefore the tensile strength of the metal composites was enhanced with increasing the fraction of Fe2O3 and B4C particles without any decrement in elongation.


Density Hardness Optical microscope SEM Stir casting Strength 


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The authors would like to express their sincere thanks to Research & Development Centre for providing ambient laboratory facilities at SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul, Tamilnadu.


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  2. 2.Department of Mechanical EngineeringRVS School of Engineering and TechnologyDindigulIndia

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