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„Collaboration is key. Why can’t we get there?“

  • Utz SchäfferEmail author
Controller & Manager In Dialogue

The academia of management accounting plays an important role in the professional development of future controllers. But are professors really in touch with practice? And: Do controlling professionals make use of researchers’ contributions? Two renowned professors from Australia and the U. S. see a need for change — on both sides.

Wai Fong Chua and Karen L. Sedatole in dialogue with Utz Schäffer

Wai Fong and Karen, you are both outstanding researchers in the field of management accounting and have published widely in renowned scholarly journals. At the same time, you both have had some exposure to practice. Based on that experience, let’s talk about how academia and management accounting practice interact. If collaboration is key: Why can’t we get there?

Sedatole:As I see it, there is not enough exchange. In the US, the amount of management accounting research is declining. I think the reasons relate, in part, to the organizational structure in academia as well as the publication...

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