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The methodology to become more agile
  • Luis GonçalvesEmail author
Schwerpunkt Agile Frameworks

In today’s world, agile methodologies are gaining popularity among IT enterprises. These methodologies, including Scrum, have contributed to faster market times, greater flexibility, higher-quality products, and customer satisfaction. Scrum has gained the most traction in the technology sector in the late 20th century. However, it is not inherently technical - its tools and practices can be adapted easily to other industries. You can use Scrum to design better software, run the marketing division of a media company, or build a better mobile phone. Scrum can even be helpful when writing a book together with a co-author.

Scrum is a framework used mainly for product and software development. It is suitable for complex environments where teams have to quickly react and adapt to new situations within the system. It is not a suitable method for a simple, apparent, clear, obvious, easy, stable, and predictable environment. The Scrum framework is not only highly effective, it is a productive...

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