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Pope Francis is reinventing the Catholic Church

  • Victoria Pauline MondorfEmail author
Schwerpunkt Strategy Execution

The Catholic Church is probably the largest organization in the world. Changing the direction of such a supertanker is extremely difficult and necessary adaptions are often obscured by a language that is inspired by theology rather than business. However, a strategy execution perspective can help to understand how Pope Francis is currently transforming this institution.

With over 1.27 billion followers, millions of volunteers, and a global distribution network, the Catholic Church truly is a global player. Having survived wars, corruption, schism, and competitors, the brand with the cross has defended its market position for over 2000 years. However, when Pope Francis was elected in March 2013, the world’s oldest multinational was in crisis. The scandal-ridden company needed a fundamental turnaround.

Catholicism Inc.

The Catholic Church is a religious institution, not a company, isn’t it? Indeed, one could argue that looking at the church from simply a business perspective ignores the...


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