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Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil War: History, Fiction, Photography by Sebastiaan Faber

Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 2018
  • Ashley ValanzolaEmail author
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Reflecting on a contentious conversation captured in a Catalan documentary, Sebastiaan Faber exclaims: “They don’t seem to acknowledge the sheer pastness of the past” (59). The conversation he recounts took place between three non-participating observers who witnessed a historical reenactment of the Spanish Civil War’s first few days. Faber’s statement reveals more than just an acknowledgement of the immediate circumstances of the reenactment, it scrapes the surface of what he calls Spain’s memory battles.

In the aftermath of conflict and repression, how a society deals with human rights abuses affects its ability to move beyond its traumatic past, and potentially avoid similar conflicts in the future. Following an incredibly tumultuous twentieth century, Spain has had quite a lot to reckon with concerning its past. Faber’s Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil Waruses photography, history, and fiction to explain how Spain has confronted the legacy of the Civil War (1936–1939),...


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