Reading Late Antiquity, ed. Sigrid Schottenius Cullhed and Mats Malm, Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag, 2018, pp. 267, ISBN 9783825367879, €48

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This is an engaging, wide-ranging and largely well-written collection of essays, which explores the relationship between the literature of late antiquity and the literature and philosophy of (mostly) modernity through a strikingly large number of perspectives and methodologies. While some chapters, especially in the central section of the collection, analyse a single text in considerable depth, others offer a much broader account, such as Ad Putter’s highly effective piece tracing the influence of late antique biblical epic for the literature of the medieval period (‘Versifications of the Book of Jonah: Late Antique to Late Medieval’). Despite the rather vague stated remit to emphasize the ‘tendency [of late antiquity] to slip in and out of Western consciousness’, and a chronological coverage from late antiquity to the present, the collection has real coherence and many chapters illuminate others: for instance, Jesús Hernández Lobato’s discussion of the links between Derrida, Lyotard...


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