Viewpoint Diversity: Donating Free-Market Materials to University Libraries

  • Jared M. RhoadsEmail author

It is important for university campuses to foster open discourse in fields such as health policy, where valuable contributions can come from a variety of viewpoints and from both inside and outside of the academy. While a great deal of research exists concerning the lack of viewpoint diversity on college and university faculties, little is known about how amenable university libraries are to adding intellectually diverse materials to their collections.1 To learn more, a study was conducted in which the libraries of the top 100 universities in the U.S. were offered a donation of a DVD containing a serious lecture on health policy from a pro-free market source. What follows are the findings and methodology for this study, as well as a brief discussion of its implications.


With health policy being a field that attracts contentious debate, and with university faculties known to be politically imbalanced, it is fair to wonder about the accessibility of alternative viewpoints on...

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