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Grove City College Plays Yale: Academic Values in the Trump Era

  • Donald M. HasslerEmail author

Donald M. Hassler received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1967, taught in Montreal prior to that, and then taught English at Kent State University until retiring in 2014; He has published books on Erasmus Darwin, Arthur Machen and others and has published poems in Academic Questions, most recently “Still Life Art,” (Winter, 2018).

“What, if I live, I hope to do”

John Keats, in a private letter

This is a personal essay in a divided time, an essay of sentiment, and certainly an odyssey of sorts, a journey of changing ideas. I think it is part of a genre of journey essays from liberalism to conservatism, from hopeful and elaborate abstractions to personal freedom and personal responsibility. I have read some of these intellectual odysseys, and read about them, in Academic Questionssince I first discovered this tidy and attractive journal several years ago and its energetic parent organization the National Association of Scholars. But I have known about Grove City...

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