Ethnic Cleansing and Revisionist Russian and Soviet History

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It should be made clear which of the scholars cited by name in the exchange write social history. Getty, Rittersporn, Manning, Solomon, Viola, and Fitzpatrick do not write social history as that term is understood and applied by historians of Western Europe and America.

—William Chase, The Russian Review, (Oct.1987)

Yet although they [Holquist, Martin, Weiner and others—namely revisionists] raise the term race, they step around it gingerly and quickly retreat to the safer language of ethnicity and [Soviet] nationality.

—Eric D. Weitz, Slavic Review1

This essay examines why many of the so-called “social historians” of Russian and Soviet studies and in the West did not champion the rights of the marginalized or subaltern nationalities of the Soviet Union, and did not even document their voices and identities.2Their views, which were disseminated widely, trivialized the deportations and high death rates of the various Soviet minorities from the 1930s to the 1950s by siding with the...

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