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University Presidents (10.1007/s12129-018-9754-9)

Joseph Epstein, author of Charm: The Elusive Enchantment

Once educational innovators and forceful exponents of the higher education ideal, university presidents are today more likely to be fundraisers for big capital projects and public relations hacks. Joseph Epstein shares his thoughts on how this conspicuous role reversal came about.

On College Presidents (10.1007/s12129-018-9759-4)

Heather Heying, Faculty Fellow, Aspen Center for Human Development

Exemplars of openness and inquiry in the twentieth century, colleges and universities have turned toward orthodoxy and indoctrination in the twenty-first. Heather Heying explains that a small number of traditional academic departments and “grievance studies” enclaves are the catalysts of this change, but that college presidents—including George Bridges at Evergreen State College, where Heying was tenured—have played no small role. Increasing numbers of them imbibe of the social justice...

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