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Herb London: A Personal Appreciation

  • Steve BalchEmail author

Since his death on November 10, a great deal has been said about Herb London. And there has been much to say. Herb’s activities and achievements covered so many areas of intellectual life and public affairs. But having had a rather unique association with him for more than thirty-five years, there are a few more thoughts I’d like to add to the many appreciations of his extraordinary life.

First off, I’ve known no other individual who was willing to sacrifice so much for principle. Herb was not only of impressive intellect, but quick on his feet and well-informed across an encyclopedic range of issues. He exuded the confidence of a born leader, carried himself with natural authority, and apparently never slept. He also displayed a princely generosity, a loyalty and kindness that won and kept friends, to say nothing of a disarming affability that saw him through all manner of difficult encounters.

In short, Herb was a larger-than-life leader, who had all the attributes of genius except,...

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