Rediscovering the Noölogical Dimension of Higher Education: Guidance from the Pages of Philosophy

  • Micah SadighEmail author

“Without [philosophy] no one can lead a life free of fear or worry.” Seneca

Higher education is in a state of flux with changes that are antithetical to its original purpose. What was once meant to free the mind from the bondage of ignorance, to unleash creativity, and to promote justice has deteriorated into a scheme for securing jobs with the elusive promise of happiness and prosperity. While we need to attend to our physical and psychosocial needs, we neglect that dimension to our being that is central to humanity and its future, the noölogical dimension, which seeks and reaches out for meaning through self-transcendence. Higher education was conceived to provide a methodical, systematic approach toward life and its vicissitudes from the vantage point of wisdom. The path to such wisdom was paved through philosophical ideas and instructions, which offered a panoramic, a more encompassing view of life, than a life charted toward self-gratification. The current fragmentation of higher...

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