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Southern Symbols: Not in Memoriam, but (Once Again) in Defense

  • Aaron D. Wolf

Pressure to denounce and remove public Southern monuments, those memorials to the late Confederacy that dot the landscape of Dixie, remains high in our poisoned, polarized political climate. To date, over 110 of them have been taken down, often under cover of darkness. But with over 700 of them remaining in place, the subject is bound to be raised repeatedly.

Any observation of the machinations of the mainstream media would justify the conclusion that the impulse to defend these monuments is suicidal. While a few right-leaning news outlets have bristled at some of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s more recent excesses, the SPLC is taken at its word whenever that organization fulminates against anything or anyone it dubs “neo-Confederate.” With a $500 million war chest, the SPLC has both motive and opportunity to ruin anyone who denies its definition of orthodoxy regarding the meaning of these Southern symbols. They are—simpliciter—symbols of racism and/or white supremacy. Do not deny....

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