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Social Science and the Public Interest

Social Science and the Public Interest

Editorial: 57 Years On

2020 marks my twenty-second year as Editor-in-Chief of Society. With support of the publisher, Springer Nature, Society begins its 57th year of uninterrupted publication, six times a year, with typically over 90 articles and reviews published online and in print each year. We remain committed to a broad overview and representation of ideas and debates in the social sciences. The stakes for maintaining this commitment remain as high as ever, not only in light of the changing tides of politics and culture but also in response to efforts to silence voices that raise concerns about any public issue of the day. Societyis not an advocacy organization; it is not a social movement; it is not what has come to be called “long-form” journalism. Nevertheless, it recognizes that these new and old forms of communication of ideas may make it the target of a public zealotry that has produced “cancel culture” and other non-governmental forms of censorship. A case in point will...


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