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“I Break in Order to Reveal”. Fran Morente Interview with Gary T. Marx

  • Fran Morente
  • Gary T. Marx

She [jury member] was extremely liberal. She was a sociologist, and I don't like sociologists. They try to reason things out too much.

--Florida Prosecutor (after losing case involving the undercover purchase of a 2 Live Crew album, New York Times, Oct. 22, 1999

Introductory Note

This e-mail interview was carried out in late 2018. Shortly after finishing my doctoral work I reviewed Professor Gary T. Marx’s Windows into the Soul for the Spanish journal RIPS - Revista de Investigaciones Politicas y Sociologicas (Morente 2018). Spanish language social researchers, being focused on enduring social class struggles and regional and local issues have been slow to study the changes wrought by new surveillance and communication technologies. The téchne is not on the agenda. I intended the review and this interview to encourage such scholars to more deeply engage the emerging interdisciplinary field of surveillance studies (e.g., Lyon et al. 2012, Monahan and Wood 2018, the journal Surveillance...


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