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Patricia Commun and Stefan Kolev, Eds. Wilhelm Röpke (1899–1966): A Liberal Political Economist and Conservative Social Philosopher

New York: Springer, 2018. 272 Pp. $129.00. ISBN: 978-3319683560
  • Aurelian Craiutu
Book Review

Liberalism is in crisis, liberalism has failed, liberalism is dead. We often read these words today as obituaries of liberal order are written by scholars and pundits on all sides of the political spectrum. Some claim that liberalism has failed (or is bound to fail soon) because it has not lived up to its original promises and has, instead, generated an unprecedented level of inequality and countless imbalances across the world. Other conservative voices argue that liberalism has become irrelevant precisely because it has succeeded in building a free society on allegedly dangerous and unstable foundations, such as individual autonomy, neutrality with regard to the good life, and free markets. Although these critics differ among themselves in their political and economic views, they all seem to agree that liberalism may no longer be able solve our deep social, cultural, political, and economic problems. It has become, in the words of one of its recent critics, simply “unsustainable.”



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