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Kati Marton, True Believer: Stalin’s Last American Spy

New York: Simon & Schuster, 2016. 289 pp. $27.00. ISBN: 978-1476763767
  • Paul Hollander
Book Review

Few Americans, even those familiar with post World War II Eastern European history and the names of notorious Soviet spies, have heard of Noel Field, whose life and political career are the subject of this book. Such lack of familiarity is all the more surprising since “his friend and… fellow mole Alger Hiss is well known” as Stephen Koch pointed out. 1.

If the phenomenon (or process) of becoming, being and remaining a True Believer needs better understanding it would be difficult to find a more striking and thought-provoking case than that of Noel Field’s. His story also sheds light on the much debated and deeply buried connections between personality and politics, or personal experience and political attitude formation. Field made his position clear in a letter to his brother, Herman, in the aftermath of the most traumatic political experience of his life (more of that below): “my life has always been a political life, and… for me there is no such thing as a separation between...

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