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Joseph Postell, Bureaucracy in America: The Administrative State’s Challenge to Constitutional Government

Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2017. 416 pp. $45.00. ISBN: 978–0826221230
  • Donald Brand

Joseph Postell’s Bureaucracy in Americais an invaluable guide for understanding the rise of the American administrative state. Postell persuasively demonstrates that the administrative state constructed by progressive reformers during the twentieth century differs substantially from the forms of governance, including its administrative components, bequeathed to us by the American Founders and subsequently elaborated during the nineteenth century. While nineteenth-century Americans may not have had an administrative apparatus that could appropriately be referred to as an “administrative state,” they were not libertarians committed to a night-watchmen state either; they expected government, albeit often state government, to assume regulatory and welfare responsibilities. Postell, without denying that the size and scope of twentieth-century government is significantly greater than that of the nineteenth-century government, focuses our attention more on the different modes of governance...


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