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Stephan Füssel, Editor, Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 2019

Harrassowtiz-Verlag, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2019, 264 pp, ill., Hardcover, $133.00, ISBN 978-344712178
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Book Review

Once again, the Gutenberg-Society has published its yearbook, this one for the year 2019. As usual, it is an impressive volume with a wide range of articles that address a variety of topics relevant for the history of the book and of book printing. This also entails, especially in the present volume, that a medieval manuscript is the topic of a long study. Otherwise, most contributions deal with early modern print shops or illustration programs of a special run of Bible prints. This makes it a little difficult to offer a concise review because the individual articles are not related with each other. This means that I cannot trace a common theme, apart from the global interest in books and printing, which, however, is altogether not surprising for a yearbook.

The society grants an annual prize, which was given in 2018 to Alberto Manguel, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1948 and left his home country in 1968 for Canada, and ever since moved around the world while collecting a huge...

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