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The Era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Provides Knowledge Services for the Publishing Industry in China

  • Alice HuangEmail author


With the advent of the Internet, we have entered into the information age, which makes it possible and easier to obtain a large number of representatives data. On the other hand, with the rapid improvement of computer hardware, and software especially the computers speed, and the ability of the computer has been greatly improved. Data-driven and algorithm applications of modern artificial intelligence models have been widely used in various fields. Solving problems through machine learning has become a way of thinking that all industries are willing to study to reduce labor costs and improve processing efficiency. Beijing Formax Co., Ltd. takes advantage of its own data processing jobs to apply machine learning technology to some projects, and has achieved good results. This paper focuses on the application of artificial intelligence and Beijing Formax’s knowledge service for the publishing industry in the era of big data including several typical cases.


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